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  • Dettol Liquid Hand Wash Aloe Vera 250 ml x 6

    • SOOTHING MOISTURISATION — Dermatologically tested, Dettol’s Moisture Hand Wash formula provides gentle skin moisturisation to leave your hands feeling soft, happy and hygienically clean
    • ANTIBACTERIAL PROTECTION — A soothing hand wash with moisturisers and an refreshing fragrance that helps stop the spread of bacteria and keeps skin hydrated and clean with every wash
    • WASH HANDS THOROUGHLY — Regularly washing your hands for around 30 seconds is really important to help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses around the home
    • ALOE VERA AND VITAMIN E — Achieve clean and delicately fragranced hands with our liquid soap that gives your skin a little extra Vitamin E and aloe vera
    • 80+ YEARS OF EXPERTISE — Leading the way in consumer hygiene, Dettol’s passion for helping keep you and your loved ones healthy ensures that we continue to develop new ways to protect people

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