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  • BigWave Ear Drops – Infection and Itching Discomfort Relief- Contains Anti-Inflammatory, Healing, Drying, & Soothing Properties – for Swimmers,…

    • DESIGNED TO TREAT: Ear infections, earaches, itchy ears, ear inflammation, and clogged ears. Provides instant relief for common pain and itching associated with swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear. Includes bottle and ear dropper.
    • APPLY: 1-3 drops up to 3x’s daily. Gently wipe away excess. INGREDIENTS: Bioactive turmeric with anti-inflammation properties, L-lysine to repair skin, olive oil for healing and moisturizing, and acetic acid to balance the ear’s PH.
    • USE: Before and after surfing, diving, sailing, swimming, bike riding, after wind exposure, and flying. Use if you experience headaches, exposure to loud noises, or anytime your ears feel uncomfortable. Use daily to prevent earaches, ear pain, and ear infections.
    • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: BigWave Drops contains anti-inflammatory compounds. Chronic inflammation in the ear can cause permanent damage to the ear canal and eventually lead to hearing loss. Our unique formula is designed for total ear care. There’s a reason so many professional surfers endorse BigWave Drops and use them every day!
    • EAR HEALTH FOR ALL: You don’t need to be a surfer to use BigWave Drops. Ears are the only requirement to enjoy the soothing and healing benefits of BigWave Drops. Safe to use for children and pets! It’s like a HUG FOR YOUR EARS. 100% USA made. Designed and manufactured in California. Happily tested in big waves all around the world.

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