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  • Dental Probiotics – Advanced Oral Probiotics for Mouth – Bad Breath Treatment Supplement with BLIS K12 & BLIS M18-6 Billion CFU – Mint Flavour…

    • ???? Proudly Made in Britain: These oral probiotics for bad breath are formulated in the UK with high-end, non-GMO ingredients, and in GMP-Certified facilities. This is not a Vegan product. Although only trace amounts remain, dairy is used during the fermentation process.
    • ???? Advance Oral Health Protection: Restoring a healthy mouth is not an overnight process! For intensive support, Take 2 tablets daily, 3x per day for an initial period, and 1-2 tablets afterward, Best taken at night, at bedtime
    • ???? Support Your Dental Hygiene: With a proprietary blend of dental probiotics K12 and M18, our probiotic supplement could boost your gum health and help you avoid problems like tooth decay or strep throat, which lead you to the dentist.
    • ???? Combat Bad Breath Anytime: If you are looking for effective bad breath treatment for adults, these chewable probiotic tablets are for you. With a powerfully fresh mint flavour, they will freshen your breath quickly, at home or on the go.
    • ???? Not All Dental Probiotics Are Made Equal: These powerful 6 billion CFU dental probiotics are formulated by a dental therapist, submitted to third-party laboratory testing in the UK, fully approved for performance, and certified safe for the UK and Europe.
  • Ear Pick Earwax Removal Kit, Ear Cleaner Spoon Spiral Ear Clean Tool with Portable Storage Case, Soft Silicone Double-Ended Earpick Ear Wax Curette…

    • ????【Ear Wax Removal Tool】Soft silicon and stainless steel ear cleaner, one-piece design, comfortable to prevent scratches to your delicate ears, do not harm your ear canal while cleaning effectively. High safety for adults or children.
    • ????【Double Helix Ear Wax Cleaning Stick】 360-degree rotating massage can relax your ear canal, and clean your ears more effectively and comprehensively. The soft silicone ear cleaner, flexible and comfortable design can prevent scratching your delicate ears.
    • ????【Suitable for All Kinds of Ear Canals】There are two different sizes of cleaning heads, which can be applied to different ear canals,The turbine fan design of the reverse fan tooth is highly effective for collecting both oily earwax and dry earwax. No matter what kind of earwax you have, the turbofan ear cleaner can help to clean your ear canal at one twist. Easier and safer to use. Suitable for adult who likes hard ear tools, and helps to fight knotty earwax.
    • ????【Reusable】Simply clean with rinsing water and the debris can be easily flushed out! Dry well and it’s good for the next use. Don’t let ear wax build up get in the way, our earwax remover tool will allow you to never miss out on a conversation or affect your children’s listening ability in school.
    • ????【Perfect Gift】This ear wax removal kit comes with a portable box for storage. Keep your ear pick kit clean and free from damage with the slim case, ideal for travel or for storage at home. Also a great gift for your family or friends.

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