EZY DOSE Deluxe Ear Wax Removal Syringe for Ear Irrigation and Saline Packets, Bonus Pack of 3


  • Ezy Dose Ear cleaning products are designed to make ear cleansing and care quick, easy, and stress-free
  • Easy use: flared design, prevents over insertion and cleans ears effortlessly
  • Capacity: syringe holds up to 20ml of liquid/solution
  • SAFETY: ezy Dose tri-stream tip is safer and more effective than rubber bulb ear Syringes
  • HEALTHY LIVING: ezy dose products make living healthier simply easier, many products endorsed by the arthritis foundation
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‎Ear Wax Removal Kit, Ezy Dose Deluxe Wax Remover Syringe for Ear Irrigation with 10 Saline Packets, 3 Pack


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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Mr. Michael Slater

    I couldn’t hear with my left ear because of olive oil spray. I tried tools and got relief from pain but this syringe got my hearing back. Yay!

  2. 06

    by Cal

    I generally have little to no issues with my ears, but after 14 days of a sudden severe double infection, using ear oils, prescription antibiotics, and to the point of losing all my hearing in one ear due to the amount of inflammation caused. After it began to improve, I still didn’t regain a complete sense of sound. There was still a lot of pain, particularly when touching, laying on a pillow, eating and swallowing, and of course, not wanting to use cotton buds or scoops that could potentially push build up further in not only increasing pain but increase the chance of a reoccurring infection.

    I have previously used the 20ml version of this brands syringes. Unfortunately, after a months worth of use, the rubber seal and flow became stiff and jittery to operate with ease and safety. The only fix was to add a little soap around the edges to help it glide—overall needing to be thrown out as it became troublesome to use comfortably, and using soap in the ears generally isn’t a good thing. So instead of repurchasing, I opted for the larger “new” model. Of course, as it was annoying to keep refilling. And, of course, hoping the rubber seal durability has improved.

    In this review, I will compare the two models to help you make an informed decision on which is best suited to you, and if any.

    * The larger 50ml capacity is a welcomed feature over the standard 20ml model I had to use, around 8-9 refills. With the 50ml, I use 2-3 times with the same results in less time.

    * The silicone flow tip is far softer and more pliable than the previous model. However, the smaller model was advertised as soft also, which had imperfections in both the vents and the end too pointed that dug into the opening of the ear and canal. Overall it started to irritate after 2-3 refills since using the new. I haven’t had any uncomfortable digging in or scratching when placing and removing the tip for the ear. Though I am cautious about how much I insert the end into my ear still.

    * In all honesty, I won’t use the salt sachets. As long as the water is clean and warm, then I see no need for them. Sure, salt helps with infection, but instead, I use water alone to minimise possible further irritation. I purely purchased this particular model for the larger capacity without having to refill it constantly.

    * As mentioned above in the Pro Section, if you have very narrow canals, you may struggle to get much of the tip into the ear. Although the end is pliable, it still has resistance. Like most others, one ear is marginally smaller than the other, making the tip poke into the delicate and sensitive areas it’s still possible to use. But it may not be as effective as the ear with larger canals.

    * The Syringe is much larger than I anticipated. If you have small hands with limited mobility and dexterity, you may struggle to use this particular size on your own. You’d find the 20ml option to feel more fluent in and comfort the hands.

    * You will inevitably get wet using the 50ml model due to the sheer size and the push flow fully extended when filled to use with one hand only to begin use. E.g. if I am using my left ear, I use my right hand to operate the flow, then using my left hand to support the syringe. Doing, so results in both hands becoming wet and running down the side of the face and forearms to the elbow, ultimately also getting the legs wet, which isn’t ideal. For this reason, I’d highly recommend using it in the bath/shower. I didn’t have this issue with the smaller size, so it’s worth noting.

    Overall, it has removed wax I couldn’t remove manually or attempt to without causing further pain. It works just as well as the first model initially worked without the constant need to refill. I hope the rubber doesn’t lose its smooth glide prematurely also. Can I hear any better? Yes, but that’s also down to the medications. Is the pain still there? Yes, but it’s far more manageable, and the amount of wax it has removed has had a positive effect and will allow proper recovery to my ear.

    If you are looking for minimal mess, I’d suggest the smaller 20ml, but if you are looking for increased comfort, improved capacity and don’t mind using in the shower/bath, I’d highly recommend choosing the 50ml.

    User Tips:

    – Before placing inside the ear, open your mouth as wide as possible as this helps spread the canal further and allows a better angle without accidental poking. If you still struggle to insert, gently pull the ear upwards and slightly outwards to assist.

    – I’d highly recommend using warm water, but I tend to use water that’s a little more than “just warm” as it cools down almost immediately and seems to soothe—using cold water is NOT a pleasant experience as it feels a lot cooler in the ear.

    – For easier extraction, use alongside softening drops for 2-3 days before attempting. It does make it a lot easier process than without doing this initial step. A few drops of warm olive oil works just as effectively. But in terms of actual brand, I would recommend Otex Express, which you can find here on Amazon, supermarkets and pharmacies.

  3. 06

    by Amazon Customer

    Not that good

  4. 06


    Ok for cleaning outer ear but not the inner

  5. 06

    by Dee

    I love this little gadget, it’s easy to use, and not so easy to clean until I just held the end bit that goes in your ear and blasted the water through it, do this underwater as it sprayed in 3 different directions, ceiling, wall, and me….. My ears are clean all the time now using this and I stopped using cotton buds, which are bad to use in your ears anyways. I noticed black lines in the end and as above cleaning it was a bit fussy at first until I sussed just blasting the water through it a few times does the trick. There are three ways the water comes out the side, so no worry of it blasting straight into your eardrum and damaging your ear. The rubber is getting harder to push the plunger bit up and down now but I suppose a new rubber could be purchased for pennies and replaced, it all comes apart so that would be easy to do. Good buy for clean ears.

  6. 06

    by D Pyer

    In short: it’s a great little device that WILL get rid of the earwax, though I’d recommend using olive oil to loosen it up first for several days, or preferably a week.

    Now for the long version, which may help anybody with this device but who is currently not having any success.

    When I first started using this device 6 months ago I imagined it bursting my eardrum or doing some sort of damage so I took it cautiously and didn’t have much success with it. That all changed when I completely lost hearing in one of my ears a week ago. It was driving me crazy, so I used the syringe repeatedly until I had success. I will never go to the doctor’s to have my ears syringed again- this is far too much fun once you get results.

    The only down side of this product is that it will bruise your fingers if you use it hundreds of times in a row. On both my thumbs I have a darker patch where the repeated sucking in and blowing out of water using the plastic handle has taken its toll. Once again, olive oil will help loosen it up so I’d really recommend doing this first, as I believe you are supposed to. Don’t be surprised if you don’t have any success with the syringe at first. You need to put the nozzle a fair way into your ear. Its flared design will prevent you from going in too far and once it’s in you don’t have to squeeze the syringe too hard to get good results. It’s probably better for you than having the nozzle hovering in the entrance. It probably helps to think of it as a hose that shoots around the sides of a blocked ear then almost washes the wax away with the backwash. Or at least, that’s how I pictured it.

    With a cup of warm water I’d get about 10-15 syringes out of it. Normally on the 2nd or 3rd I’d get a couple of specks of wax coming out. If I was lucky I’d get a medium bit that (sorry to use this anaolgy) looks more like a flaky bogey. The experience of syringing was uncomfortable but not painful. It certainly wasn’t loud compared with my hearing after it cleared, so I can only assume that the water itself hits the ear canals before it gets anywhere near the ear drum. I ended up using the device hundreds of times, sometimes it would sound bubbly, sometimes I’d squeeze the syringe hard but my hearing hasn’t been damaged in any way by it- I can’t imagine my hearing ever being better than it is now- but more on that later.

    The trick is to leave it for half an hour or so after several syringes. You’ll find that by doing that it loosens up a bit more and you’ll find yet more bits coming out the next time you go and do it.

    The real jackpot came after doing this for a while. I syringed my ears as normal and it felt the same as the other attempts, but when I looked into the basin there were hundreds of specks of wax and three or four larger bits. Despite all this, my ears still weren’t draining properly so I stuck at it hoping for another huge success.

    Both ears came within minutes of each other the following morning. By then I had become quite ruthless with my syringing and wasn’t afraid to shove the syringe in a fair way and to apply considerable force whilst wiggling it about. Sure enough, a large, single blob came out from each ear. This one did feel different- the first thing I remember was that it felt cold, as if the water could, for the first time, reach my ear drum. Next I heard some sounds as though something was coming unstuck, followed by the satisfyingly loud, crisp sound of water pouring out of my ears, and the sight of a huge dollop of wax in the basin.

    It was AMAZING. As another person has said- nobody will be as interested in what comes out of your ears as you are. But this is a real experience to behold. It’s like squeezing a massive spot, but better- afterwards I was able to hear the world more clearly than I had done for ages. I was used to the muffled versions of everyday items. The first thing that struck me was how shuffley everything was- I could feel my clothes rubbing against my skin and the slightest touch to my outer ear could be heard in great detail. It was like upgrading from built-in laptop speakers to a proper home entertainment system. Everything felt too loud- even now, typing on the keyboard sounds like it could deafen me.

    All in all, I no longer have to visit the doctor’s. This syringe has baffled me for months but now I’ve given it a proper chance it has changed the way I hear things. Literally.

    Sorry that this has been such a long review, I would really have liked something like this when I was figuring out how to use the syringe since the instructions I had for it were rather disappointing. If your ears are still blocked or are retaining water when squirted, the chances are there’s still something in there- of course, I’m not a health professional so don’t sue me or anything, but I couldn’t be happier with this product.

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EZY DOSE Deluxe Ear Wax Removal Syringe for Ear Irrigation and Saline Packets, Bonus Pack of 3