NAVEH PHARMA Dry Ears Baby – Swimmers Ear Drops Spray – Ear Drying Drops for Babies Swimmers, Remove Water Trapped in Ears and Prevent Pain,…


  • {Remove Water In Ear In Seconds} Use Dry Ears as a swimmers ear treatment to avoid the discomfort of ear infections, temporary loss of hearing, and the “full” feeling of water trapped in your ear. Simply spray the swim ear drops and the water will disappear in seconds
  • {Easy Application} Avoid using annoying swimmer’s earplugs by using swimmer’s ear relief ear drying drops spray. Each 0.5 FL OZ can comes with an easy-to-use spray applicator that allows you to spray Dry Ears ear dry drops directly into your ear for maximum benefit. Each can contains approximately 50 doses
  • {Fast Relief} Dry Ears is an at home swimmers ear treatment for water ear pain. Prevent swimmer’s ear swiftly and effectively, providing relief within a few seconds of application. We are confident you’ll love your new swimmer’s ear solution; but if you are not completely satisfied, please return within 30 days for a full refund
  • {Perfect For Water Sports} For surfers, kite surfers, swimmers, water skiers, or divers, Dry Ears will prevent an earache after swimming or discomfort from water in the ear from swimming. Take it with you to the beach, swimming pool, or on any water adventure
  • {Gifts for Swimmers} With so many people suffering from swimmer’s ear, Dry Ears is an excellent diy swimmers ear drops spray. Give as a gift for their swimmers bag, or buy it for yourself to experience relief from water in ear infection
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Adewale IGE

    Its not too bad for your use if you are a swimmer that suffer from wet ???? ears.

    Although I always advice an adult to use this first before trying on the children just to ascertain the functionality of it.

  2. 08

    by Carol McArdle

    Easy to administer and dispersed water from ears after swimming in the pool.

  3. 08

    by its only me x

    I have not had the opportunity to try this yet but have bought it for when we take the grandchildren to the beach again once the weather improves
    As kiddies often have ear infections I plan on using Dry Ears after they’ve been in the sea to prevent any earache or infection.
    Not only that but the feeling of having water in your ears isn’t pleasant and Dry ears also deals with this

    It’s a small enough bottle to pop in your bag to take to the beach or swimming pool

    Will update this post once used

  4. 08

    by Mishka

    I really like this little spray – you spray it in a child’s ear canal after swimming and it helps dry up any water in there.

    All our kids have been prone to trapped water in their ears and infections over the years which frequent swimming can make worse and obviously using ear plugs isn’t that practical during a lesson where you need them to hear instructions or if they’re only a baby.

    This spray seems like a good solution and has definitely helped our 4 year old with this issue. Our two year old doesn’t like it sprayed in his ears though because it shoots out and isn’t a very fine mist. Our 4 year old is absolutely fine with it though and reminds me to use it on her if I’ve forgotten!

    I haven’t used this spray on our baby because essentially it relies on alcohol content to dry up the water. Our baby (and our toddler to some extent) has a habit of rubbing or scratching her ears, especially when teething, so I don’t really want to use the spray in case there are any little scratches on the skin going down to the ear canal which would make the spray sting on contact, that’s all.

  5. 08

    by Barbara Gomori

    We used this product on my 10 years old right ear last night and we will not be using it ever again nor will be recommending it to anyone. After one application, one puff my son was instantly in a significant pain and was screaming and shaking for 2 hours. He said the puff was huge and a lot of stuff went into his ear. He felt some trapped water eventually trickled out but there is no way we will be using this product ever again.

    I really don’t understand these positive reviews and especially the ones where they say it’s only a small puff well it’s completely the opposite!

    I am just hoping when my son gets up he will be fine and we don’t need to take him to doctors to get his ear checked.

    Also there’s only a tiny piece of paper included in the box in English and in a foreign language. Most of the writing on the box was in a foreign language too.

  6. 08

    by Sarah

    Ordered for my niece who has any affection at the moment this does helps to keep it clean and tidy and so far has helped improve it

  7. 08

    by Wee Shopper

    Tested it on myself first before the kids. Worked well at drying my ears though did leave them feeling a bit too dry and uncomfortable for an hour or so – nothing major, just felt a bit strange though it wears off.

  8. 08

    by vanram

    Excellent product! Easy to use and effective. I use it, feel very comfortable, and experience no side effects.

    I am happy to recommend it.

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NAVEH PHARMA Dry Ears Baby - Swimmers Ear Drops Spray - Ear Drying Drops for Babies Swimmers, Remove Water Trapped in Ears and Prevent Pain,...