NAVEH PHARMA Dry Ears -Swimmers Ear Drops Spray – Ear Drying Drops for Swimmers Adults and Kids/Remove Water Trapped in Ears and Prevent Pain,…


  • {Remove Water In Ear In Seconds} Use Dry Ears as a swimmers ear treatment to avoid the discomfort of ear infections, temporary loss of hearing, and the “full” feeling of water trapped in your ear. Simply spray the swim ear drops and the water will disappear in seconds
  • {Easy Application} Avoid using annoying swimmer’s earplugs by using swimmer’s ear relief ear drying drops spray. Each 30ml can comes with an easy-to-use spray applicator that allows you to spray Dry Ears ear dry drops directly into your ear for maximum benefit. Each can contains approximately 100 doses
  • {Fast Relief} Dry Ears is an at home swimmers ear treatment for water ear pain. Prevent swimmer’s ear swiftly and effectively, providing relief within a few seconds of application. We are confident you’ll love your new swimmer’s ear solution; but if you are not completely satisfied, please return within 30 days for a full refund
  • {Perfect For Water Sports} For surfers, kite surfers, swimmers, water skiers, or divers, Dry Ears will prevent an earache after swimming or discomfort from water in the ear from swimming. Take it with you to the beach, swimming pool, or on any water adventure
  • {Gifts for Swimmers} With so many people suffering from swimmer’s ear, Dry Ears is an excellent diy swimmers ear drops spray. Give as a gift for their swimmers bag, or buy it for yourself to experience relief from water in ear infection
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by S. AF

    I wasn’t entirely sure about this product and whether or not it would be effective, but I can safely say that it worked brilliantly and cleared the trapped water in my ear. The first time I used it, it didn’t work so I suspect I didn’t do it properly. The instructions are scant, so here are some tips. If the water is in your right ear, lay down on your left side and put the nozzle into your ear but not too far that it touches the end of the canal. Spray two full pumps, wait a few seconds for it to go in, then sit up and tilt your head the other way. You should then feel the water come out. I spent two days hearing nothing but swooshing, swilling water in my ear before using this. It happened after a simple shower, so I’ll definitely be keeping it on hand in case it happens again! You can smell the spray, but this subsides very soon after. I’d certainly recommend this and buy it again.

  2. 08

    by May Blossom

    This does work and dries your ears but also stings if you have any sore parts in the ear.

  3. 08

    by Jasmine

    It works

  4. 08

    by Maryanne Orchard

    This dry ear spray is easy to use, in a pressurised can. As per instructions from other reviewers lay down for about 5 mins before sitting up.
    Did it work? Er yes and no. Yes it got loads of water out – well it felt like loads! As for the er….it stung a lot when it was sprayed in. I am going to assume this was because my ear problem has been going on for a week at this point.
    For me I am now on antibiotics as my ear is indeed infected but I don’t regret trying this as if did work. I have took a star off for the stinging sensation
    Oh and the smell someone mentioned it’s alcohol!

  5. 08

    by Peter McGurk

    I got a blocked ear from swimming on day 2 of my holiday and spent the rest of the trip half deaf – it was so annoying not to be able to fully join in conversation or hear my friends and family clearly.

    A trip to Boots pharmacy left me £10 lighter with some useless seawater spray that did nothing.

    Some research suggest an alcohol based spray and so I came to Dry Ears. Ordered on a Saturday, delivered Sunday thanks to good old Amazon Prime.

    I had high hopes and they were not dashed – sit up straight, two squirts, then lie down on your side with the affected ear facing upwards. Give it five minutes.

    You feel tingling – NOT stinging – and then a tickling sensation as the solution drives the water out. Sit up, tilt your head onto the “bad” side and WHOOSH the water pours out and YOU CAN HEAR AGAIN!

    Bloody fantastic and worth every penny.

  6. 08

    by Leyla Wilby

    I had water gone into my ear after having bath. My ear was so painful. After the couple use it helped to ease the pain but I ended up being put on a antibiotic. What’s more important is that the spray was here next day. I ordered around 8pm and it delivered by 10am next day! I was so surprised how fast the delivery was.

  7. 08

    by John Leonard nelson

    I try as I have itchy ears and always turns to infection, try this for first time, it seems to work with th itchiness, not sure what it I like for swimmers ear,

  8. 08

    by Camazon Wustomer

    Overpriced nonsense for your ears
    *views are my own
    Only Flucloxacillin from the doctor helped

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NAVEH PHARMA Dry Ears -Swimmers Ear Drops Spray - Ear Drying Drops for Swimmers Adults and Kids/Remove Water Trapped in Ears and Prevent Pain,...