Ear Conditions

Explore ear condition medical supplies. Trusted products for relief and care. Discover solutions for healthy ear wellness.

  • Happycoco All Natural Ear Candles Beeswax Candling Cones – 16 Pcs (8 Colours), 100% Non-Toxic Cylinders Fragrance Hollow Cone Candles with 8…

    • 【#1 EAR CANDLES SET IN THE GREAT BRITAIN】From London to your home, we create our ear cnadle using rigorously tested ingredients. Make pampering a luxurious experience with our VERSATILE SET OF 8 Pairs Earcandle set. Join 110,000+ customers who love our hopi ear candle for massage, relaxing, and ear wax cleaning.
    • 【Pure Ingredients】100% plant materials, 100% natural beeswax, purified essential oil, hand-crafted, full compliance with environmental requirements.
    • 【Every Color Made by Different Fragrance】Orange-Sweet Citrus, Green-Healthy Green Tea, White-Refreshing Peppermint, Purple-Calming Lavender, Pink Red-Romantic Rose, Yellow-Relaxing Bergarmot, Blue-Warm Rosemary, Brown-Soothing Sandalwood.
    • 【Reduce Stress and Relax! Quality Guaranteed】Our candles are hand made with the highest quality all-natural beeswax. Hollow center with tapered opening. Silver Safety Marker indicates where to stop burning candle.
    • 【Easily Removable Drip Stop Filter】 Simply pull out filter and poke foam through wide end for a more holistic traditional burn if desired. 【Much Less Smoke than Paraffin Petroleum Candles】 Beeswax burns more evenly providing a consistent powerful heat vortex. Zero carcinogens released unlike Paraffin which releases smoke and toxins.

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