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  • Dental Probiotics – Advanced Oral Probiotics for Mouth – Bad Breath Treatment Supplement with BLIS K12 & BLIS M18-6 Billion CFU – Mint Flavour…

    • ???? Proudly Made in Britain: These oral probiotics for bad breath are formulated in the UK with high-end, non-GMO ingredients, and in GMP-Certified facilities. This is not a Vegan product. Although only trace amounts remain, dairy is used during the fermentation process.
    • ???? Advance Oral Health Protection: Restoring a healthy mouth is not an overnight process! For intensive support, Take 2 tablets daily, 3x per day for an initial period, and 1-2 tablets afterward, Best taken at night, at bedtime
    • ???? Support Your Dental Hygiene: With a proprietary blend of dental probiotics K12 and M18, our probiotic supplement could boost your gum health and help you avoid problems like tooth decay or strep throat, which lead you to the dentist.
    • ???? Combat Bad Breath Anytime: If you are looking for effective bad breath treatment for adults, these chewable probiotic tablets are for you. With a powerfully fresh mint flavour, they will freshen your breath quickly, at home or on the go.
    • ???? Not All Dental Probiotics Are Made Equal: These powerful 6 billion CFU dental probiotics are formulated by a dental therapist, submitted to third-party laboratory testing in the UK, fully approved for performance, and certified safe for the UK and Europe.
  • Ear Wax Remover Kit for Ear Irrigation, 18in 1 Ear Syringes, Earwax Removal Tool for home, Ear Cleaner with Water Pump, Ear Washer System including…

    • Effective Earwax removal kit: Clinically proven that using a water pressure earwax cleaner kit to clean your ears is the safest and most effective way to remove earwax. Massage your ear canal with water pressure and clean stubborn earwax more easily, the doctors around the world all use hydraulic cleaners to remove the deep wax naturally.
    • Easy to use: 1. Simply fill 1/4 of the bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide, then fill up with relatively warm water 2. Connect disposable tip cleaning head to the luer lock connector 3. Gently guide the tip into your ear, and then gently pump the solution into your ear. 4. Finally, pull out the wax with a rubber syringe. Our Ear Wax Cleaner Kit is specially designed for home use by ear doctors.
    • Home Top-Notch Ear Cleaning Kit : In our daily life, we are used to changing clothes and bedding frequently, because pillows and quilts are easy to hide mites. Also, a same principle, regular and proper ear cleaning is necessary. In fact, earwax buildup and clogging can lead to some hearing loss and general discomfort. They are also the most common cause of hearing aid failure.
    • Necessary Medical Ear Cleaner Kit: We always like surfing and swimming outdoors, but long-term outdoor water activities, water can easily enter ears, if not cleaned up properly in time, it will cause ear pain and itching and ear inflammation, etc. If you dig out your ears with cotton swabs or pull your ears with your hands, not only does earwax increase, but there is also a risk of ear injury.
    • [Customer Rights & Customer Service] We “Dynabliss” would like to make your purchase decision as easy as possible: If you are not satisfied with our Dynabliss Earwax Remover Kit for any reason, you will simply get your money back – up to 12 months after the date of purchase !
  • Healeved Ear Model Lettering Ear Ear Acupuncture Model Teaching Learning Prop with English Characters

    • ???? This is a good tool to teach students the human bodys structure.
    • ???? Practical simulation ear model is made with premium PVC material, odorless, safe and practical.
    • ???? It can be used in beauty shop, drug store, health or massaging teaching school.
    • ???? With this realistic ear model, there is a better way to learn acupuncture. Suitable for people who are interested in Chinese medicine knowledge.
    • ???? It indicates the corresponding reflection area and massage position of the human bodys internal organs and torso on the auricle. It is one of the best choices for you.

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