Clipper Tea Organic Herbal & Green Tea Selection Gift Box|Organic, Eco Friendly & Fair Trade| Assorted Individually Wrapped Tea Bags |1 Sampler box with 45 Unbleached Tea Bags


  • CLIPPER TEA SELECTION BOX – An organic selection of our finest and most popular organic infusion herbal and green teabags. A delicious gift for yourself, family or friends. Each giftbox contains a total 45 organic enveloped unbleached tea bags.
  • 7 GREAT FLAVORS – Featuring 5 x enveloped unbleached, plastic free tea bags of each of the following flavours: lemon & ginger, green tea & lemon, cleanse with benefits, restoring roots, berry burst, snore and peach & after dinner mints.
  • NATURAL, FAIR, DELICIOUS – At Clipper we believe that every cup of tea counts. Every cup you drink means we’re able to keep doing the good stuff to support people and the planet. That’s why all our products are made with pure, natural ingredients and a clear conscience.
  • A WORLD OF GOOD – Our tea bags are plastic free and made from a natural, compostable and much more environmentally friendly material which is plant-based. You can pop our teabags onto your compost heap or in your food waste bin.
  • MAKE IT BETTER – How to make the perfect brew? For herbal & green teas always use fresh water, pour it over the tea bag while it is still boiling, and allow to infuse for 5-7 minutes
Last updated on May 6, 2024 8:42 am
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by 33

    The media could not be loaded.

     Overall a good selection of organic teas and infusions.
    Very good value for money set of teas.
    In terms of flavours, this box is just not for me. I honestly liked green tea & lemon and the berry bust was also all right. This is a taste preference thing, not a product related.

    A good gift idea too. Very nice product presentation.
    Good selection of teas for all weather kinds and seasons of the year.

  2. 08

    by LilyG

    Nicely packaged and appears to be a wide variety. None really to my taste. Won’t buy again

  3. 08

    by Sian Birch

    Lovely selection nice box good values

  4. 08

    by Amy G

    Bought this as a gift the receiver was happy and delighted. Good amount for the price, good tea!

  5. 08

    by Otaku

    Strictly speaking, I should have said a good gift for lovers of tea and infusions because (although I would call them all tea) there are industry standards about what you can and cannot use the word tea to describe. Only one of the seven flavour blends in this 45 sachet selection literally contains actual tea. This probably explains why Clipper say the pack contains 45 ‘envelopes’ rather than 45 ‘teabags’.

    Clipper seem to have undergone some kind of brand revamp since their products last met my lips. This has led to the ‘sleep tea’ in this special selection being called Snore and Peace. Other named blends of tea and infusions are After Dinner Mints, Restoring Roots and Cleanse With Benefits. Not all the blends ended up getting a distinctive name, possibly because they are more basic: Lemon and Ginger, Green Tea with Lemon and Berry Burst.

    I won’t go through all the flavours, I will just comment generally. You’ll probably have some idea what mint infusion and turmeric infusion taste like and even if you didn’t, you would know exactly what they contain. This selection seems more geared towards creating new blends of tea/infusion taste experience, hence the effort towards naming the blends, I suppose. Anyway, all of the blends are pleasant enough. Only the less ostentatiously named blends were completely familiar experience to me. The After Dinner Mints, for example contain not only mint but also fennel and ginger root and was a richer experience than basic mint. The Restoring Roots contains turmeric, ginger and pepper, taking the edge of earthiness off the usual infusion of mainly turmeric. That will appeal or not according to whether you welcome or condemn the earthiness of turmeric.

    All in all, offering new blend experiences is apparently the goal of this selection and tea/infusion enthusiasts among your friends may relish a gift like this.

    Part of the brand revamp seems to be to foreground ethical matters and to that end the ‘envelopes’ the tea are wrapped in are unbleached, the organic nature and source of many of the ingredients is featured on the packaging, although some of the details are in small enough type to make you have to look for them if you care to, rather than getting too in your face. There is an odd character to the package overall, simultaneously strenuously polite, conscious of global environment and fair trade issues *and* trying to amuse you with jokey blend names. But that’s all fine. This is a substantial introduction to Clipper Teas (and infusions) and if you have friends or family who go for this sort of thing I would imagine they’d be pleased to receive it.

  6. 08

    by Viaceslav

    Great tea , love it

  7. 08

    by Hillbee

    Nothing to fault her – a flavour for everyone!

  8. 08

    by julianna

    This makes a wonderful gift. The box is beautiful and pretty sturdy. The variety of flavors is very good. I would definitely recommend if you’re a big tea drinker and like having choices or to gift!

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Clipper Tea Organic Herbal & Green Tea Selection Gift Box|Organic, Eco Friendly & Fair Trade| Assorted Individually Wrapped Tea Bags |1 Sampler box with 45 Unbleached Tea Bags