Oral-B Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert Water Flosser Featuring Oxyjet Technology, Oral Irrigator with 6 Cleaning Modes, 2 Pin UK Plug


  • Boost your oral care routine with the Oral-B aquacare 6 pro-expert irrigator for additional and interdental cleaning
  • Benefits: Aquacare 6 helps improve your gum health and gently removes food trapped between teeth especially wires and braces with the on-demand button you can control the water stream with precision
  • Oxyjet Technology: Enriches water with microfine bubbles of air to boost your oral health routine
  • Personalise your experience with 6 cleaning modes, aquacare 6 has three intensity settings: Sensitive, medium and intense each of these can be used with two nozzle water streams: Focused or rotational
  • Cordless: Easily handled with no attachments, contains 145 ml volume of water
  • This product offers protection from a splash of water in any direction
  • Includes: One aquacare portable irrigator, two oxyjet nozzles and charging station
Last updated on December 30, 2023 2:56 am
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‎United Kingdom

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Tracy Hawker

    I like the water flosser it does exactly what it’s meant to but I paid to much for it

  2. 08

    by Claudio

    It’s a nice one, but battery only lasts 3 or 4 uses.

  3. 08

    by Critic

    Bought a this Braun water flosser on the strength of using their toothbrushes, which I have to say have proved to be excellent over the years, so much so that when the originals expired we bought the same model again.

    My experience with this water flosser has been less satisfying, the water output seems to be weak, (not that I can compare it to any other), I have to use it on the intensive setting to feel it’s doing any good.
    It does fill your mouth with water and you do have to exercise caution or you will spill it all over yourself and the bathroom… (but that would be the same for any other water flosser).
    The battery life between charges is less than with the toothbrush, although to be fair the toothbrush battery life does seem to be exceptional, so maybe I am guilty of expecting too much.
    In the final analysis I do have to say despite my minor niggles above I am fairly pleased with it, since using it I do feel that my teeth have benefitted, my mouth does feel cleaner, so as long as you bear in mind my niggles above I would recommend it.

  4. 08

    by Frequent Flyer

    It chuggs through the water fast, so you’ll be refilling at least 10 times to do your whole mouth. Not as blasty as I thought it would be, mouth feels clean after use though. Battery could do with lasting longer.

  5. 08

    by Gaynor Worrall

    Having used a Phillips air/ water flosser for some years now I am a bit disappointed with the Oral B one. Although it does the job- teeth feel really clean as expected- the flosser is rather large ( two hands needed to hold it) and rather heavy; the size makes it quite cumbersome to use. It uses a lot of water – even when on ‘Sensitive’ and pulsating ( not continuous) jet. The recharge unit is also quite large and heavy. I can’t imagine taking it away from home – needs it’s own suitcase!!
    Can’t wait for the Phillips one to be back on the market, despite the additional cost of a second flosser.

  6. 08

    by The Researcher

    When this was delivered I was taken aback. I had never seen any other spray like it. So, abandoning my usual male tactic of getting straight down to use it, I read the instructions.
    It has three spray strengths, and the intense one is really intense as a straight stream. It has the option of a straight stream or interval delivery, useful for stuff determined to stay between the teeth. There is the option also of a rotational stream that I have not found a use for so far, but I shall have a session of what it does when I have a few spare minutes.
    The water reservoir is the easiest to use that I have experienced.. I am glad I bought it.

  7. 08

    by ALEX.P

    Bought this for black Friday, with 58 pound! I think the price is ok, I mean you can find this everywhere with the same price! I had to say, I use every day an electric toothbrush, dental floss and dental sticks, so I bought this, to have a complete kit for the oral cleaning! I had to say there is not a big difference whit this product, if you follow a great oral cleaning every day 2 times a day at least! Useful just for the back tooths , notting magic!
    If you want to buy this product, think before! I mean think what kind of toothbrush you have, because if you use a non electric one, it’s worth to spend that money to buy an oral b 8000- 9000 , with a price between 55£ and 75£!

  8. 08

    by Nicholas M.

    I use water flossers as I have an implant. I’ve purchased at least five over as many years and I strongly advise you not to buy the amazon cheapies. Some may have more power but believe me they don’t last. USB charging points are a weakness. The last flosser lasted 6 months before the charge point, situated underneath the unit, rusted. I had to pull the charging cable out with pliers! The trusty Panasonic that I gave to my wife continues. The reservoir is too small for me and I find the intense setting too weak. The Oral B 6 comes with a near field charging station. BIG plus. I have only used it so far once so my scores may change. I find the reservoir could hold more water. It’s not bad. Just a little bit more for me. But what’s the problem with refilling? There isn’t one. The power button is quite difficult to switch off and, so far, my fingers haven’t successfully negotiated the ‘on demand’ button. It’s a large unit to hold in the hand. Slightly awkward. However I will review again
    as I get used to it. It feels solid. There is no problem in the water flow for me. It’s a cautious recommend.

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Oral-B Aquacare 6 Pro-Expert Water Flosser Featuring Oxyjet Technology, Oral Irrigator with 6 Cleaning Modes, 2 Pin UK Plug


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