Otex Express Ear Drops, Clinically Proven Ear Wax Removal Drops For Excessive, Hardened Ear Wax. Can Reduce The Need For Syringing, 10ml

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  • Advanced dual action formula: Actively breaks down hardened ear wax and helps it disperse
  • Helps to relieve discomfort and loss of hearing caused by excessive ear wax
  • 10ml easy-squeeze bottle includes dropper for easy application
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‎27 Grams


‎10 Millilitres


‎10.0 millilitre

Storage Instructions

‎• Keep out of the sight and reach of children. • Once opened, do not keep the bottle for longer than 4 weeks. • Do not store above 25°C. • Always replace the cap tightly after use. • Store the bottle upright in the outer carton to avoid spillage. • Medical products such as this should not be disposed of via wastewater or household waste. Ask your pharmacist how to dispose of products no longer required. These measures will help to protect the environment.

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‎Diomed Developments Ltd





Country of origin

‎United Kingdom

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‎1 portions

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Jack

    Writing this review with my head to the side so sorry if there’s mistake. My ears got full of wax being of lckdoen so I didn’t fancy a trip to the docs. So for a few week I banged some olive oil in there Nd nothing. The pain got worse and was driving me to sleepless nights. Just had a motorbike accident nearly 2 years ago and not recovered from those sleepless nights so the ear really annoyed me. So then I bought some twizzel things off here that looked promising but soon as they came I gave it a twizzels… low and behold shoves the wax straight in and am deaf! So for the past week I’ve not had much sleep. 4am the other day I was in the shower with the head down me lug hole. Trying to flush it out it was so bad… no luck so I thought I’ll get these drops and see if they work. Last resort literally… just got home from work and banged 5 drops in as it said on the packet. Next thing me earn goes propper deaf and I was just thinking that’s it am deaf for good ! About 5 mins later I ask our gert if she she’s any wax down me lug. She days no just wax and oil…. I didn’t know how to take it so I assumed she saw wax but not the beast deep inside. So I walked into the kitchen and grabbed some 1 sheet Nd give it wipe. I looked at the sheet N deffo needed 2 sheet. Low and behold there a great big lump of wax on the 1 sheet and I can hear again. Louder then the other ear!!! So I dropped 5 in the other side and wrote this review! Thanks so much for sorting my problem out when nothing else worked. I feel like I owe you so much more money than the 5 pounds or so it cost. I would pay 4 times the ammount for the stuff! I know it sounds daft but if you even haven’t got blocked ears id be buying a couppe for when it happens. When guys. Be prepared.
    Thank you so much !!!!

  2. 08

    by Robert


  3. 08

    by My wonderful soul Puds

    My ears are no longer blocked. All good.

  4. 08

    by Kio

    I purchased this as the 1st step to using the medi grade earwasher earwax removal kits.. the fizzing and crackling is something to get used to be its pleasant as you can hear it working.
    It breaks down an softens the wax.. I used it once a say for 3 days as I wasn’t consistent as I liked.. but it still worked and I would highly recommend.

  5. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    After suffering with my left ear getting blocked literally every two months, this is a fab product & safer than a continual syringe! You can hear the fizzing & popping whichbis slightly odd at first, but it works! No more visits to the docs anymore.

  6. 08

    by Maya_Fr

    Works but the bubbling made me cry and scream as I never felt that sensation before. It was terrible!! But did help clear the block

  7. 08

    by Ben.T.D

    with bass heavy music is the reason why I get intermittent hearing loss (wax blockage) I now believe. Generally, it clears up in a few days but I’ve been deaf in one ear for around two weeks up until today.. Due to work and being optimistic that my hearing would come back by itself as normal, combined with quite a long delivery time before the Otex arrived, I just put up with it. Fast forward to having used the Otex drops for 2/3 days and I now have the hearing back completely though it’s worth noting that I had been using headphones again (got fed up of no music!) and suspect the vibrations may have helped just as they had hindered in the first place.

    After I’d finished listening to music, I gently pulled my ear lobe around to try and open up the canal (as I do periodically when blocked) and low and behold, partial hearing came back. It’s then that I used a second application of the drops for today and I was greeted with the fizzing and crackilng that I normally get which means it’s getting to work. Prior to that, there was no noise so the blockage must have been pretty extreme. I followed it up with a second ear syringe flush of the day and it’s then when the hearing popped back totally. So it’s hard to say whether it was all Otex or a combination of the music, massaging/opening of the ear canal AND the Otex but I’m still giving the product 5*. I was getting to the point of having to book in a ear flush by the nurse so glad to have avoided that.

    On a side note, if your not aware, good old olive oil should be given a try first. A few drops will do and is going to be the same as the olive oil ear drops you find in chemists minus the ‘medical grade’ stamp whatever that means. With the Otex, the difference is you get the fizzing action to help break up the wax.

  8. 08

    by Kat

    I had a big lump of ear wax, almost like a scab. The Otex Express dissolved it it in three days. It worked where suction by the doctor failed. Only problem I had was squeezing the bottle as I have arthritis. Fantastic product.

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Otex Express Ear Drops, Clinically Proven Ear Wax Removal Drops For Excessive, Hardened Ear Wax. Can Reduce The Need For Syringing, 10ml

£4.80£6.00 (-20%)

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