Ear Wax Removal Tool Camera – R1 Upgraded Anti-Fall Off Eartips Ear Cleaner with Camera, Wireless Otoscope with 1080P HD Waterproof Ear Camera, Earwax Removal Kit for iPhone,…


  • ⭐R1 Innovative Edition – Here comes the latest improved ear camera cleaner compatible with Bebird, which uses its consistent technology accumulation and leading product ecology. This time, it is safer, easier to use and helps you clean earwax more efficiently.
  • ⭐Safer – Don’t worry eartips falling off in the canal, with real non-removable silicone tips. Metal spoon and silicone tips have been pre-integrated into one piece with hot melt technology. The ear clean kit include 3 non-removable food grade silicone ear scoops, they come in 3 sizes for the whole family to use. We also offer a pimple squeeze tips for facial clean.
  • ⭐Easier – The ear wax removal tool only weighs 15.3g like a pen easy to handle, you will move in the ear canal more flexible and accurate with a 3.5mm tube diameter. The lens is dust-proof, water-proof and fog-proof, so you can directly clean the lens underwater.
  • ⭐More Efficient – 1080P HD 3.0MP camera with 10 to 50mm ultra-wide depth of field endoscope, this time, you can easily see the deepest part of the ear canal. With 3-axis gyroscope and 30fps low-latency WIFI transmission, the screen you see is more stable and smooth.
  • ⭐Smarter – Compatible with Android and IOS, the ear picking camera APP adds left and right ear mode, thermostatic control, 10-level Magnification, and photo and video recording functions to help you conduct remote doctor diagnoses at home. R1 is an earwax cleaning solution for the whole family.
Last updated on December 1, 2023 12:15 am
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Very pleased with this item.
    I ordered it one month ago. I initially used it for three or four days in a row, as my ears were badly blocked, making me nearly deaf in both ears.
    After this, my hearing was back to normal.
    Initially setting up the wifi was confusing but, once I worked out how to do it, I had no following problems.
    I was almost put off after reading the negative reviews but I am very glad that I went ahead with it.

  2. 08

    by Jane Brown

    I bought this to replace my existing R1 to the screw on tips. The bebird app was juddery so installed the smartbud app instead and it works perfectly now

  3. 08

    by Dipak

    Ordered this as I did not want to pay extortionate prices to have wax removed. Very easy to connect to phone and the camera is very clear. The tips make it easy to remove excess wax and cleaning is simple.
    Would highly recommend l.

  4. 08

    by Flossy

    I lost my other one of these by a different brand. This is pretty pants in comparison.
    The camera itself is lousy resolution, or just lousy at seeing inside ears. The parts are very flimsy, bendable metal. The ones with the coating – that isn’t silicone but just a bit of flexible plastic that will tear like a glove exposing the sharp metal.

    There are some safe and effective, cheaper products that do the job this one claims to. Waste of money!

  5. 08

    by Miss Y Tal

    I paid the ear clinic £60 to get my ears done and now for less than £30, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home. The tip design has changed from the early model and is a lot stronger and lasts an extremely long time, just don’t press too hard in the ear like I did as you could scratch it.

  6. 08

    by Tanya

    I bought this for my Husband, he was having alot of problems with his ear, he couldn’t hear to well and felt like he had water in his ear, I bought this after reading the reviews, I am glad we did, we downloaded the app, which was a pretty easy thing to do and set up, we were amazed at how well the camera works, he got to see inside his ear and Jeez it was worse than a candle factory melt down, he managed to clear so much out his ear, and his hearing is slightly better, his ear is causing him pain so he couldn’t clear the rest, however that is absolutely nothing to do with this kit, it was slightly painful before hand, I was amazed at this and how clear it shows what’s in the ear, only thing my husband found difficult was he’s left handed and isn’t as good at using his right for intricate work like this. It came very quickly, set up the warranty via an email, we would highly recommend this for removing ear wax, it is also a pimple remover, haven’t used that part so far. Would definitely buy again if needed too. It’s alot easier than booking an appointment, travel to see a nurse to flush your ear out.

  7. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Seriously who knew the inside of my ears could be so exciting. This is good value for money, good quality, easy to clean, comfortable to use. Performs well, doesn’t get too hot. Nice to hold for hand comfort too

  8. 08

    by Brandie waters

    Can see how clean ears are

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Ear Wax Removal Tool Camera - R1 Upgraded Anti-Fall Off Eartips Ear Cleaner with Camera, Wireless Otoscope with 1080P HD Waterproof Ear Camera, Earwax Removal Kit for iPhone,...