LUGGUARDS® 60ml Quad Stream Ear Wax Removal Syringe with 4 STERILE Colour Coded Tips & Liquiplug Advanced Dual Action Ear Drops

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  • Unlike traditional bulb ear syringes that can damage the ear if over inserted, Our sterile quad stream ear wax removal syringe features a flared tip design to prevent over insertion while cleaning the ears and preventing wax build up. The tip directs fluid to the ear canal walls using 4 directional jets ensuring a safer and more effective irrigation. The syringe is used to dislodge stubborn ear. Includes 4 Sterile replacement tips, manufactured from soft silicone and colour co-ordinated.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: With a large, generous 60ml water capacity, the LugGuards ear wax removal syringe ensures less refills per ear – Our tips are also provided in STERILE packaging. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable!
  • LIQUIPLUG Advanced Dual Action Formula, Softens & Liquifies Stubborn/Hardened Ear Wax (Cerumen). YOU CAN HEAR IT WORKING! – Helps to reduce the need for Ear Irrigation when used regularly Free, Soft Silicone Earplug included, use this to keep the fluid in the ear, aids mobility during treatment.
  • LIQUIPLUG Advanced Dual Action Ear Drops contain Glycerol to gently soften the wax & Urea Peroxide that releases Oxygen to break up the hardened ear wax! Suitable for Children from 2 years of age & Adults. 12ml Capacity with an Easy Squeeze Bottle, CE Approved with Tamper Proof Lid
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by dary staples

    After using this I had clear ears and removed enough wax to make the Wife a candle. (Wick)ed

  2. 08

    by Angela

    The ear solution is really effective, so we used that for a few days to soften the wax and then used warm water in the syringe to flush out the ear canal. Amazing!! My son had a chunk of wax come out immediately.. he has always had waxy ears and it drips out quite often 😩 after a week of using this his ears are totally clear…. now he has no excuse not to hear my homeschool lessons hahaha

  3. 08

    by NRaj

    The syringe tip is very soft and flexible and comes in four colours. Excellent to not damage your ear. The large syringe capacity is great to slowly and continuously keep the water flowing with minimal refills.

    It would have been nice if the product came with saline sachets as others in the same range.

    As for the ear drops, I am not 100% certain it is as good as hydrogen peroxide. It certainly does work over time, and I believe this product is designed to be used over a number of days, leaving it to sit and wiping away, before using the syringe. However, the instant fizzing sensory feedback you get when using a peroxide and quicker rinse out is preferred.

  4. 08

    by Gareth Lias

    This was used for both myself and my child to help clean the excess wax build up. The drip work well and the syringe is easy to use and doesn’t go too far inside the ear. Easy to use and works well

  5. 08

    by Margop

    Wow. This worked far better than I expected. I used oil for 3 days then did 3 goes with the syringe for each ear and was genuinely shocked at what was hiding in my ears! Would definitely recommend this as it was easy to use and as good a result as getting my ears syringed at the Dr’s.

  6. 08

    by Anon

    The syringe is actually terrible. The syringe that came with the Mack’s ear cleaning kit is way more reliable.

  7. 08

    by Gazza

    Worked a treat, larger sized syringe makes it much easier. The nozzles are genius, definitely a keeper in the medicine cabinet. Many thanks👍

  8. 08

    by j fitzsimons

    Used to syringe ears and remove ear eax

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LUGGUARDS® 60ml Quad Stream Ear Wax Removal Syringe with 4 STERILE Colour Coded Tips & Liquiplug Advanced Dual Action Ear Drops

£9.85£11.99 (-18%)

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