Earpal Safe and Effective Ear Clean

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  • Earpal is THE ONLY SAFE WAY to remove earwax from your ears.
  • Medically Approved
  • Unisex – Made with Surgical Steel
  • Safety Stop to Prevent Over Insertion
  • Gently removes ear wax from your ear canal
Last updated on January 11, 2024 1:20 am
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Mrs B

    You use this to scrape the wax out of your ears – however if you have a stubborn build up of wax, it will not reach the ear drum. Better off using oil and a bulb syringe

  2. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    This works wonders ! Value for money.

  3. 08

    by norman edwards

    As a child my mother used a hair clip to get wax out of my ears , this is much the same thing , but with a handle attached , and slightly more substantial, ( a stainless steel split-pin springs to mind ) the loop is quite large in proportion to where it is intended to go , and the shift is not long enough , sorry to say I think I wasted my money

  4. 08

    by BigDaveDogDad

    Works well. Pretty well made – no sharp edges. Effective.
    I used to get what I called “ear squelch” regularly. No doctor or specialist could offer a reason or fix. Basically, the mechanism in my ear that protects from loud noises by automatically damping the eardrum was getting gummed up by over-production of wax in that ear.
    It was very annoying and uncomfortable.
    I got desperate and used cotton buds resulting in a blocked ear. Got that syringed (with preceding week of filling my ear with oil – what a pain-in-the-arse) which fixed it but “ear squelch” returned.
    My ear began to block again, so I bought this little device and ever since have had no blocked ears and no ear squelch!
    It’s not a miracle device, just common sense that if your ears over-produce wax, you should keep the levels down.
    Cotton buds do not work. Hairpins are too small to be safe. Careful use of this device works great if your ears get blocked.
    “Squelch ear” solved.

  5. 08

    by Colette

    Okay but not amazing can cause a little discomfort

  6. 08

    by J T Smith

    I like using this to clean my ears every now and then, however I would not recommend this if you have a large blockage as it might just worsen the problem. What I would recommend is to go to the doctors and get your ears completely cleaned out first, and then start using this product once a week from then on. It should stop the wax building up and if you do it regularly and do it slowly and carefully, you should not push any wax deeper inside your ear. It does hurt a bit but only for a minute or so after use. I hate ear drops as I find that they never work and this is the best alternative I’ve found. This product is probably a bit overpriced for what it is but it’s reusable as long as you wash it, so the price is not too bad. Overall, a good product for those with ears that produce too much wax.

  7. 08

    by Peter Stephenson

    My long experience with ear wax (I’m 59) leads me to believe that for most people the best way to deal with ear wax is to leave it to something that has been dealing with it successfully for many years – your ear. Your ear handles wax magnificently.

    But us real humans can’t leave ourselves alone. We constantly mess with our noses (blowing what shouldn’t be blown and polluting our finger ends with germs that we spread all over out body). We probe our ears to remove what most people remove automatically without cotton buds and hankie corners. We can’t help it can we?

    If we have to engage in this nonsense we may as well do it with things that do minimal damage – this is probably one of those things. It probes deeply enough to be satisfying and yet not so deep that it can do a lot of damage. Probably a lot better that cotton buds – that can very effectively piston ear wax into your inner ear while you probe deeper and deeper.

    So if you really can’t control yourself and must assault your ear (a category I fall into myself) this is for you. It brings out satisfying amounts of wax (that your ear hairs would have brought out anyway)and leaves you feeling you have accomplished something.

    But I promise you, unless you have a real medical condition, nothing at all is usually better for normal wax. Something like Olive Oil or Earex (without any mechanical assistance) is best for hard wax. Never syringe yourself (even doctors only do it reluctantly because it can cause permanent tinnitus).

  8. 08

    by John Pepper

    Did not find this of any use for removing ear wax, in fact probably makes it worse as it pushes the wax further down
    Best to get Sodium Bicarbonate Ear drops and use these for a week

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Earpal Safe and Effective Ear Clean

£5.56£9.69 (-43%)

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