Otex Express Combi Pack, Clinically Proven Ear Wax Removal Kit with Drops and Bulb Syringe For Excessive, Hardened Ear Wax,10ml

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  • Complete ear wax removal kit that reduces the need for clinical ear syringing
  • Advanced, dual action ear wax treatment
  • Active formula breaks down hardened ear wax and helps it disperse
  • Helps to relieve discomfort and loss of hearing caused by excessive ear wax
  • Easy to use bulb syringe gently cleanses the ear
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‎100 Grams


‎10 Millilitres


‎10.0 millilitre

Storage Instructions

‎• Keep out of the sight and reach of children • Once opened, do not keep the bottle for longer than 4 weeks • Do not store above 25°C • Store the bottle upright in the outer carton to avoid spillage, and return the bulb syringe to the carton after cleaning with mild detergent, then rinsing • Medical products such as this should not be disposed of via wastewater or household waste. Ask your pharmacist how to dispose of products no longer required. These measures will help to protect the environment.





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‎United Kingdom

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by James

    I had a painful ear I got a camera to see the problem and my goodness the build up was black. A couple of uses from this solution and the bad boy water thing it came straight out

  2. 08

    by Stephanie McNeish

    Most effective. Crackles on application. Follow instructions but do not use balloon for irrigation if you have any sort of sinus or ear inflammation as this will make pain worsen. Use the drops alone and do not aggravate the ears.

  3. 08

    by Kim Palmer

    Got one for brother, works a treat to get the wax out

  4. 08

    by Shunkles

    Thanks to postman my dog chewed the plastic top making using the drops difficult to use.
    My ears feel a little better some way to go yet

  5. 08

    by Catfeet

    I used this as I knew my ear was impacted. It made something loose in my ear and kept making me dead when my head was a certain way, I didn’t follow instructions 100% because I hate the feeling I. My ear so I used the pump thing for the first 3 days, that didn’t work and made me more deaf.

    The drop create a pressure in your ear due to it releasing oxygen from the ear wax to break it up and for me it became really uncomfortable after the 7 days it tells you to use the drops. I eventually had to pay to get my ear suctioned, turns out it impacted ear wax had been there for a long time and was a bit hard for the lady to get it out.

    Even thought ear suctioning can be expensive (around £50 an ear or £50 for both at specsavers) I would suggest to just pay for that, after you have done a few olive oil drops, it is done in about 15 mins and doesn’t hurt. However, this does work for some people but just keep it in mind you may still need to get it done professionally if it doesn’t work.

  6. 08

    by Mike o.

    Used it to soften ear wax,use it for seven days and got my ears done, procedure was easy because the otex oil had softened the wax to almost jellylike,I would recommend it to anyone.mike.

  7. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    The rubber squeeze in this kit makes clogged ears easy to clean. A few days of oiling and because of it’s design, you can’t put too much pressure in your ear when using the globe.

  8. 08

    by E

    Absolutely amazed by this product. Far better than the olive oil drops the pharmacy sold us. 3-5 days of the drops in the ear twice a day, then a gentle irrigation of warm water with the bulb have left my 12 year olds with impecably clean ears!! Did leave them a little dizzy immediately after, but this soon settled and they felt great afterwards. Highly recommend.
    Note; also bought an otoscope to keep an eye on progress and for the future! Well worth every penny.

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Otex Express Combi Pack, Clinically Proven Ear Wax Removal Kit with Drops and Bulb Syringe For Excessive, Hardened Ear Wax,10ml

£7.50£9.00 (-17%)

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